22nd October 2004: Manchester

The day after the best day ever ... things had to go pear shaped really and oh they did! I should have known what kind of day it would be when it started out kinda well ... I was given an executive suite at the hotel, but after that things went downhill so there are not a lot of pictures of Manchester cause when I headed out in the pouring rain to go take pics a bus whizzed passed me on the way, through a huge puddle and I had to head back to the hotel to dry off - so that was the end of my tour round Manchester really ;)

Sarah concert number 26
Manchester hotel  huge hotel room, see me in the corner above Manchester hotel  nice room, noisy guests Manchester views  me in Manchester, hey when you are short of time you have to make do what you can ;) Manchester views  Manchester ... that's all I can say ;)
Manchester views  me with some Manchester building ... okay I am really stretching things now but work with me here people! ;) Manchester Apollo  when we finally dried off and made it! Manchester Apollo 8  Course Sarah made my day bright again ;)
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