24th October 2004: Birmingham

Another fantastic day, spending the day finding out how Dairy Milk was invented ...
Birmingham hotel Birmingham Symphony Hall  big wheel reflected in the Birmingham Symphony Hall Big wheel  me with said big wheel outside the Birmingham Symphony Hall Cadbury World  mock up of the first shop ... I am worshiping ;)
Cadbury World  I smell of chocolate following the tour - how fab!!! :) Cadbury World  you get a free sample of liquid dairy milk chocolate you know ;) Cadbury World  at the entrance Cadbury World  Free gifts from the Cadbury tour - chocoalate ... for free ... imagine!!!
Cadbury World  We had a stowaway from the Cadbury Shop ;) Cadbury World  Bought quite a few things at the Cadbury shop -  only one big bar of chocolate though, I wanted to buy a yard of Dairy Milk but I had to think of my further travels ;) Raining  .... again!  Well the touristy day in Birmingham kinda went for a burton with the weather  - don't know if you can see above but it's pouring!! :)