3rd November 2004: Oslo

Not a lot of time to sightsee in Oslo as travelling took up most of the day and then the weather was rather unpleasant

Sarah concert number 33
Train from Oslo Airport  to Oslo Central - very fancy Oslo Hotel  sorry it's blurred ... I never noticed til later Oslo Konserthus Oslo Konserthus
Oslo Konserthus  from the side National Theater City centre  with work being done ... taking away from the nice buildings somewhat Oslo music shop
Norweigan money  All set with my money, but cause the day was so bad I hardly spent anything Oslo University  The rain had just started so it was getting dark Snacks  some local Oslo food (lady jelly figures, with a chest ... I asks you!! ;) Shower  Apparently most Norwegians sing in the shower ... so I gave it a go
Sarah at Oslo Konserthus Sarah at Oslo Konserthus Sarah at Oslo Konserthus  IMHO if you don't clap from when Sarah leaves the stage to when she comes back out then you shouldn't be allowed to stay, you can't enjoy the rewards without putting in the work!!