8th November 2004: Antwerp

A better day than yesterday arrived mid-morning and decided to have a wander round Antwerp Zoo (since it was close to my hotel and the venue, less chance of getting lost ;) Course I did have the trauma of having no ticket for tonights show (booked through Murmurs, but some problem and hence no ticket) ... luckily this was one of the few shows that wasn't sold out so I got a ticket from the box office around lunchtime, and finally could breath again!...

Sarah concert number 36
Koningin Elisabthzaal  where we'll be seeing Sarah later Central Station  very pretty inside too, but too dark for my pics to turn out :( Antwerp Zoo  me and the elephants Antwerp Zoo
Antwerp Zoo  a wee maze, for wee people Antwerp Zoo  Halloween at Antwerp Zoo, they went all out - was fab :) Antwerp Zoo  didn't seem to do much these hippos Antwerp Zoo  ooh I'm getting brave
Antwerp Zoo  "can I take him home, please?" Antwerp Zoo  more halloween pics Antwerp hotel my precious!
Sarah at Koningin Elisabthzaal  Well after the ticket traumas I got to see another fabulous Sarah show - not many pics cause the stewards were telling everyone to stop (didn't tell me cause they didn't see me ... see what happens when you have practice? ;) Sarah at Koningin Elisabthzaal Sarah at Koningin Elisabthzaal