10th November 2004: Paris

Our touristy day in Paris :)
Paris hotel Starbucks  small coffee in Paris really is small - even I only took about 5 mins to drink it! Louvre  Went to the Louvre (as I was told I had to go and see Mona Lisa), so I did and did ;)  Took a wrong turning the museum though on my way to the Mona Lisa and found myself in a room full of statues ... bits wherever you looked!! ;p Louvre
Louvre Louvre  Mona Lisa - t'was smaller than I expected ... and surrounded by tourists ;) Louvre Louvre
Louvre  from the other side of Seine Paris views down the Seine Assemblee Nationale Pont de Invalides
Musee D'Orsay Palais de Chaillot Eiffel Tower  Couldn't decide which level to go to - 1,2 or 3 and in the end decided on level 0 ... wuss! Eiffel Tower  view up the tower, closest we get :)
Pl de la Concorde Seine  See the Eiffel tower?  We walked to and from there (well when I say we... ;) Seine Palais de Justice
Notre-Dame "the bells...."