15th November 2004: Barcelona

Another, unexpected, touristy day in Barcelona since the Sarah show was cancelled at very short notice (checked at the venue for confirmation) - I could have saved a fortune on hotel rooms by flying direct to Amsterdam had I known! Trying to make the most of it and I know it's nice to be in Barcelona, it's just I would not be spending money on weekend holidays just now given the choice
Superman  on a balcony - part of a comic shop ;) Barcelona Aquarium  Since we did went to the Zoo yesterday we went for the Aquarium today :) Barcelona Aquarium  The fish has just heard the Sarah news too! Barcelona Aquarium  Me in the underwater passageway at the Aquarium :)
Barcelona Aquarium  still in the Aquarium underwater passageway Barcelona Aquarium  Sea horses?  No neither can I ;p Barcelona Aquarium  Penguins at the aquarium - sweet :) Barcelona Aquarium  not a real one, in case you are wondering ;)
Waterfront  it was 16 degrees today - still lovely Waterfront Waterfront  a boat called Sarah - now the closest I'll get to seeing Sarah in Barcelona!!! Waterfront
Waterfront Snacks  local delicacies ;)