17th April 2005: Spokane

Spent today travelling to Spokane ready for what was, hopefully, our first show of 2005...
Packed  and ready for the off ... just a  wee  bit later than we  thought... Travelling to Spokane  crossing the border into the US, no fancy pictures cause the queue was too small and it was all over within minutes Travelling to Spokane  managed to get a dog on the way, he's very well car trained already Snoqualmie  stopped off in Snoqualmie (home of Twin Peaks) on the way for a wee photo opp
Snoqualmie  10 miles south of the Canadian border, 12 miles west of the state line ... Snoqualmie  more small town madness Snoqualmie  North Bend views Travelling to Spokane  Exit for the Gorge (scene of Lilith Fairs :)
Spokane Arena  by night Spokane Arena  a good sign that the show is still on at least