21st April 2005: Travelling

The drive back from Reno to Vancouver, now I'm not sure but I think Lise has got the road rage in Burnout3 mixed up with real life, or maybe she does it to make sure everyone in the car stays awake, but for whatever reason, if I wore pants I might have pee'd em! ;)

Seriously, huge thanks to Lise for driving me all around the past few days and for agreeing to do it again for the rearranged dates in June.
Travelling back to Vancouver  some of the drive was so high up in the mountains that we were surrounded by snow, luckily none on the roads though Travelling back to Vancouver  me looking out while we travel, certainly better views that yesterday, who would have thoughts lots of trees and mountains would be a thrill ;) Travelling back to Vancouver  woohoo (to be read with a sarcastic tone please ;) Canadian border  at the Peace Arch at the Canadian Border, it was about 1am so a bit dark, but hey there were no queues so hurrah ;)