24th June 2006: Glasgow

A day down by the Clyde today, followed by a trip to the Transport Museum and then dinner at the Thai Fountain at Charing Cross
Clyde Auditorium  better known in Glasgow as 'the Armadilo' Clyde Auditorium Finnieston Crane IMAX
IMAX  and Glasgow Tower, not open ... again! River Clyde  looking down the Clyde towards the Tall Ship Glasgow Science Centre River Clyde  The Armadilo from the other side of the Clyde, with Bells Bridge and Finnieston Crane
SECC Transport Museum  Horse! Transport Museum  various different modes of transport at the museum Transport Museum  Trams at the Transport Museum ... "c'mon get aff"
Transport Museum  bicycle art ... so there you go Transport Museum  Messerschmitt Transport Museum  Sinclair C5 ... ahead of it's time if you ask me Transport Museum  I'm SO going to be arrested
Transport Museum Mitchell Library Charing Cross  Me and Jackie Canal
Holidaymakers  me with the 10 years older gang :)