24th November 2007: Montreal

So I always think the first hour or so of a holiday kinda sets the tone... so having nearly had the taxi I was in driven off the road by a man in a hire car (on drugs reckoned my taxi driver) my holiday In Montreal didn't bode well!

We finally arrived at our hotel and got checked in - hotel seemed nice but for now it was drop the bags and head off to The Bell Center for the ice hockey. Well the event was quite spectacular, but not the game so much. Montreal lost 3-0 and it was apparently the worst game of the season! Now given on the same day Dumbarton won 2-0 in the cup I am beginning to wonder it it is actually all my fault?!
Bell Center  forgot to take my camera so pics were taken on my phone Bell Center Bell Center  Anyway with the ice hockey game ticked off the 'to do' list it vas back to the hotel for some late night photo taking. Montreal hotel  Late evening views from my hotel window :)
Montreal hotel