29th November 2007: Montreal

Off home today ... snow starting just in time!
Hotel views  Snow has started! Hotel views Hotel views  Well I FINALLY made it home, after a  huge  amount of hassle.  The incoming plane was running 3 hours late, so we were 3 hours late leaving (actually a bit more than that by the time the plane was defrosted) and so I missed my connection in Amsterdam.  KLMs soultion?  Instead of the 10am flight from Amsterdam they put me on the 9pm flight ... PM!  11 hours late!  After a huge amount of too-ing and fro-ing with KLM customer service I managed to insist they put me on standby on the 3pm flight, and I got on ... so home 5 hours late rather than the 11 hours I would have been!  Still shouldn't complain, I was given a $20 food voucher as compensation!!!!