29th February 2008: Toronto

Last day but as our flight wasn't til the evening we had time for once last wander (or limp if you like).
Rogers Centre  back end decoration Rogers Centre CN Tower Piles of snow  At the bottom of the tower
CBC Broadcast Centre Dog statues  I think ... as for why, I have no idea - though I think they are seats ;) Chinatown  views down into Chinatown Art Gallery of Ontario
Ontario College of Art and  Design Art supply store Gallery school CN Tower
Snowing again  Hop-a-long and I just made it back for lunch before the snow started. And once it had started it wasn't finishing! Snowing again Snowing again Snowing again  Worrying about any weather delays on the way to the airport, we went for the 4.30 bus. When we finally got a bus at 5.15 I'll admit to the start of panicky feeling, which only grew the slower the traffic and the longer we were on the bus (thanks to Jackie for virtually keeping us company through the journey).  Finally made it to the airport at around 7.30 to find the flight is now 30 mins late ... still it could have been worse. Could have been 4 hours! Look at that, full circle. Start with a delay and end with a delay. No free food this time though ;)