4th July 2008: Vancouver

Tradition dictates that the morning of a flight home begins with an Ikea breakfast :) On the way home we were then stuck in Calgary in a thunder storm. Canadian Law is that if there is lightening over an airport then they move to code red and all the ground staff stop working. Then we had a further delay because the terminal building was struck by lightening and that caused a power outage! However turns out an almost 2 hours delay wasn't the worst of it! On the way home, about 3 hours out, we experienced the worst turbulence I've ever been in. There was about 20 mins of being chucked about, sudden plummets - basically all adding up to probably the scariest thing I've even been through. Imagine being on a rollercoaster for more than 20 mins and that's pretty much what it was like.
Ikea breakfast  me with said breakfast Ikea breakfast  Dont' think he wants my bacon!  Then it was off to the airport and time to head home ... Vancouver airport  Wasn't he in Toronto? OMG I have a stalker!  Didn't seem to mind me climbing on ;) Vancouver airport
Vancouver airport  Despite the traumas during the journey home it was still well worth the trip to see Sarah again (and rocci and Lise of course ;) Thanks again to them for putting me up, and putting up with me :)