12th February 2009: Vancouer

Sarah concert day - or "One year til 2010 countdown celebrations" as some foolish people called it! ;) At the concert I went over to the merchandise table for a wee look at what they had since I figured there was nothing new to have. Wrong! So 2 hoodies (one to wear one to keep), 2 womens shirts (same) and 1 mens shirt (one to keep, don't need one to wear as it's the same as the womens only bigger ;) later we were set to go in! Show was fantastic and alll the acts were really good but no one could come close to Sarah, but then lets be honest, did you expect me to say anything different?!

Sarah concert number 55
Olympic countdown clock  managed to get a photo done between a multitude of people taking 'wacky' tourist poses Olympic countdown clock Granville Bridge  Then it was off to Granville Island for some shopping Nettwerk  Stopping off at Nettwek, even though the shop doesn't open anymore.  It would be rude not to!
Nettwerk Nettwerk Nettwerk Nettwerk
Sarah at Queen Elizabeth Theatre  I had a lady next to me who coughed her way through the whole show, not quiet hand covering coughs, no! Loud deafening coughs! No photographs allowed, so no photographs!