20th March 2011: Halifax

Starting another trip to see Sarah we flew into Halifax last night and got to spend one day here before heading off to our first Sarah concert ...
Queen Elizabeth High School  The now closed Queen Elizabeth High School, from where Sarah McLachlan graduated in 1986. I hadn't noticed my kilt was up at the back, how embarassing! Queen Elizabeth High School  the demolition has begun ... Queen Elizabeth High School  Queen Elizabeth High School closed following a merger with St. Patrick's High School to form Citadel High School Halifax Metro Centre  ... where Sarah will be performing later today :)
Halifax Town Clock  the front of the clock, looking up ... before we climbed the stairs up to Fort George Views from Citadel Hill  towards MacDonald Bridge Views from Citadel Hill  of Halifax Town Clock and onwards to George's Island Fort George (Citadel)  Entry to the Citadel
Fort George (Citadel)  we have matching outfits!! ;) Fort George (Citadel)  Citadel Parade Ground Fort George (Citadel)  Citadel Parade Ground Fort George (Citadel)  Citadel Parade Ground
Fort George (Citadel)  From here you can watch the sentry change every hour and then visit the lock-up where troublesome soldiers were held. Fort George (Citadel)  Me on a cannon. Not much more to add really! ;) Fort George (Citadel)  same photo only closer Fort George (Citadel)
Fort George (Citadel)  Citadel Parade Ground and Signal Masts Fort George (Citadel)  behind the Soldiers' Barracks Fort George (Citadel)  it looks such a nice day, but no, as you can see by the icicles it's icy icy cold!! Fort George (Citadel)  the rear
Fort George (Citadel)  steps up from the rear of the Citadel to the Parade Ground Fort George (Citadel)  Citadel Parade Ground Fort George (Citadel)  Citadel Parade Ground Fort George (Citadel)  Soldiers' Barracks
Fort George (Citadel)  bridge across the moat Fort George (Citadel)  what used to be the moat of Fort George Fort George (Citadel)  I'll keep guard Fort George (Citadel)  Signal Masts
Views from Citadel Hil  of Halifax Metro Centre and Halifax Town Clock Halifax Town Clock  the rear of the clock Views from Citadel Hil  towards MacDonald Bridge Nova Scotia House of Assembly  is where the Nova Scotia Legislature
Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia  shop Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia  the Dominion Building part, which the gallery moved to in 1988 Bank of Nova Scotia  head office and Halifax main branch - designed by Canadian architect John M Lyle The Mitchell House  Th
C.S.S. Acadia  Acadia served Canada from 1913–1969, charting the coastline of almost every part of Eastern Canada including pioneering surveys of Hudson Bay Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Halifax Seaport  at the waterfront Cunard statue  statue of Sir Samuel Cunard, founder of Cunard Line and a native of Halifax
Pier 21  museum is situated in Canada's last remaining ocean immigration shed Acadian memorial  Monument to Imprisoned Acadians on Georges Island, Bishops Landing Edward Cornwallis statue  statue of Lieutenant General Edward Cornwallis, a British military officer who founded Halifax National Film Board building  Home of the NFB until destroyed by fire in 1991. Previously St. Mary’s Young Men’s Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society Hall (no really!)
St. Mary's Basilica  boasts the tallest granite spire in North America Sir Winston Churchill  at Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library George's Island  Georges Island is a glacial drumlin in Halifax Harbour George's Island  ... and me
George's Island Lighthouse Train carraige  outside Pier 21 Waverley Inn  Hotel for our first stay in Halifax. A historic bed and breakfast style Inn, first opened in 1876 Waverley Inn  my 'traditonal' room
Waverley Inn  another view of my room