25th March 2011: Montreal

2nd day in Montreal and we did a bit of shopping today, as being in warm shops seemed like a better idea than wandering around in sub zero temps! ;)
Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum  Exhibits focus on Marguerite Bourgeoys, Montreal's first teacher and founder of the Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel in which is sits Bonsecours Market Old Montreal Les chuchoteuses statue  Translation ... The Gossipers
Mount Royal  no, not going up there again! Notre-Dame Basilica  Gothic Revival church in the historic district of Old Montreal Rue Saint-Paul  shopping area in Old Montreal Old Montreal Courthouse
Old Montreal Courthouse Old Montreal Court of Appeals  on Notre Dame street in Old Montreal Place Jacques-Cartier  named for Jacques Cartier, one of the major discoverers of Canada Place Jacques-Cartier  Nelson's Column. The 8-foot statue was the world's first Nelson commemorative and predates that in London by 33 years
St. Denis Theatre  heading back for tonights second Sarah show in Montreal Sarah McLachlan at St. Denis Theatre  No photos allowed and very strict stewards meant this is all I got tonight ....